Dividend proposal, signatures for the Board of Directors’ report and financial statements and Auditor’s note

Dividend proposal
Distributable funds in the parent company 585 482 643.23
of which net profit for the current year 103 456 963.28
The Board of Directors proposes that the distributable funds mentioned above be used as follows:  
  a total dividend of EUR 1.40 per share to be paid to shareholders 103 212 375.00
      EUR 1.20 (ordinary)  
      EUR 0.20 (additional)  
  the remainder be carried forward 482 270 268.23
In the opinion of the Board of Directors the proposed dividend distribution does not endanger the solvency of the company.
Signatures for the Financial statements and Board of Directors’ report
Espoo, 5 February 2018
    Kurt Jofs   Harri-Pekka Kaukonen  
    Chairman   Deputy chairman  
    Timo Ahopelto   Johanna Lamminen  
    Sari Pajari   Endre Rangnes  
    Jonas Synnergren   Jonas Wiström  
    Esa Koskinen   Anders Palklint  
    Kimmo Alkio  
  President and CEO  
The Auditors’ Note      
  Our auditors’ report has been issued today    
  Espoo, 5 February 2018    
  PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy    
  Authorised Public Accountants    
  Tomi Hyryläinen      
  Authorised Public Accountant