Customer experience

Tieto's ambition is to make customer experience a competitive differentiator and become customers' first choice for their business renewal. In 2014 Tieto set out a vision and roadmap for developing its customer experience and has consistently followed these steps. In 2016-2017 the focus was especially on the Voice of the Customer (VoC) concept and reinforcing a customer-centric culture across the company. An encouraging milestone was reached in 2017 when Tieto achieved all-time-high results in customer experience measurements.

Having customer experience as a competitive differentiator calls for commitment from the entire Tieto team: promises to customers need to be fulfilled in every interaction, seamlessly through all touchpoints, every single day. This in turn requires Tieto to treasure a corporate culture where both employee and customer experience are equally valued, recognizing their undisputable correlation. A key ingredient in keeping this formula working is encouraging continuous interaction and feedback from customers. At Tieto, the customers' contributions are greatly valued and teams across Tieto focus on making the best use of them in developing our operations – every day. This ambition is also stated in Tieto's Quality Policy.

Tieto ranked among the top Finnish companies in a Customer Experience Management study.

As every interaction counts, in 2017 Tieto continued the implementation of its Customer Experience (CX) strategy by including customer experience in the individual goals for every employee and manager. Actions were also taken focusing on delivery and design quality, as well as capabilities, perceived value, and customer centric culture across Tieto. For example, several facilitated customer-specific actions, such as coaching sessions and workshops to improve customer experience, took place. As part of the planned activities in 2018, the aim is to activate a CX community for sharing best practices and to enhance learning from other teams within Tieto.

As a company with multiple business areas, Tieto strives to ensure a seamless and unified customer experience across all touchpoints for our customers. One effort to enhance this is through simpler onboarding for customers and services with new service management platform, ServiceNow.

Tieto also finalized its Digital Channels strategy during 2017, with the aim to build a consistent Tieto experience for customers, employees, partners and other stakeholder groups that Tieto engages with through digital channels. Based on a core concept created in 2017, the work will continue in 2018 with first concrete implementation steps.

The long-term focus and progress in customer experience was acknowledged in 2017, when Tieto achieved fifth position in the State of Customer Experience Management study of Finnish companies.

There is a clear correlation between employee engagement, customer experience and revenue growth.

All-time high performance in customer experience

At Tieto, the year-on-year performance in customer experience is monitored through the Customer eXperience Index (CXI) and Relationship Net Promoter Score (rNPS)®. To support the company’s strategic ambition of becoming  customers’ first choice for business renewal by 2020, Tieto aims to achieve superior customer experience and customer-centric culture that create value to all stakeholders. To achieve this, Tieto is aiming for a Customer eXperience Index score of 8.20 and a Relationship Net Promoter Score® of 40 by 2020.

Tieto’s CX results from 2017 proved a clear correlation between employee engagement, customer experience and revenue growth as manifested in the graph below. The results also indicate that Tieto’s consistent multi-year work on company renewal and culture is starting to materialize. In 2017, Tieto achieved its all-time high CX results with a CXI of 7.97 (2016: 7.64) and rNPS of 21 (2016: 3). Almost 690 customer representatives participated in the annual survey, giving their feedback in face-to-face interviews. All Tieto employees had a chance to volunteer as interviewers – this is one of the numerous ways Tieto enhances its customer-centricity at all levels of the organization.

Customer experience index
Relationship Net
Customer experience index
Customer experience index vs voice engagement score

A new way of listening to our customers and acting on their input during key phases of the customer journey was introduced in 2017, called the Voice of the Customers (VoC) concept. In 2018 the renewal work will continue with the remaining parts of the customer journey and will focus on the key touchpoints. Ultimately there will be real-time, accurate and actionable customer insights made available to all employees.

® Net Promoter is a registered trademark and the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a trademark of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.