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The dynamic evolvement of Tieto’s business environment is placing high demands on people development and employee experience. During 2017, hundreds of recruitments as well as an acquisition took place to strengthen competences across different businesses. Tieto continued to enhance employee engagement and witnessed encouraging improvement in the area.

The dynamic business environment is impacting competence needs for Tieto as well as other companies across all industries. The main drivers for competence renewal are the overall digitalization of society, emergence of new business models and managing the twofold challenge – i.e. simultaneously driving productivity of existing businesses and innovating new future businesses.

Tieto needs expertise with deep knowledge of IT and the latest technologies, together with an understanding of specific industry and customer needs. Knowledge of local market environments, legislation and regulations are also important. At the same time, the company’s new strategy and investments into new businesses call for new competences and skills. 

The changing competence needs are not only impacting Tieto, but societies globally. As a responsible employer and corporate citizen, Tieto is committed to mastering this change in ways that foster benefits to individuals, society at large and the company. Tieto focuses on attracting new talent with opportunities related to the adoption of new technologies and interesting customer cases. We promote continuous learning mindset and provide flexible learning opportunities for the entire organization.

One example of continuous learning is Tieto’s learning programme launched in Poland, where experienced IT professionals are invited to a 3-month training programme to learn new programming languages, for example. The training is free of charge and open both to Tieto employees and external candidates. Participants receive financial compensation to ensure they can grasp this opportunity without risking their income.

To support the continuous renewal of the company, we aim to attract the younger generations by offering extensive trainee programmes, for example in China, Poland and the Czech Republic. In 2017, a total of 111 trainees joined our programmes and the majority of participants were offered employment at Tieto afterwards. 

Tieto’s activities in Poland during 2017 are a good example of the achievements of a responsible, active and engaged corporate citizen. Proactive collaboration with suppliers, universities and industry networks resulted in the recruitment of close to 600 new employees to Tieto’s Product Development Services business.

Overall, approximately 2 300 new employees were recruited to Tieto during 2017, for instance, industry and solution consultants, architects and software developers.

In December, Tieto acquired the Swedish consulting company Avega, welcoming 350 new experts to Tieto. The acquisition will support Tieto’s growth businesses and strengthen its footprint in the consulting-led Swedish market. 

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Tieto’s Human Resources (HR) function is responsible for developing people practices in Tieto. The HR function is led by the group-level Head of HR while country HR teams are responsible for country-specific HR operations. In addition, Business HR support is also assigned to the respective Industry Groups and Service Lines.

The Tieto Human Resources (HR) Policy serves as the overall strategic direction for our people practices, and applies to all employees and operations globally. This policy states that Tieto supports and respects the principles set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.