Societal engagements

Tieto wants to be an active corporate citizen in the societies we operate in. Through our societal engagements we aim to fulfil our corporate purpose: creating value for life.

Tieto engages in long term societal projects with a number of established local partners. During 2017, Tieto continued its cooperation with My Dream Now in Sweden, as well as the Identity Foundation and Lila Poonawalla Foundation in India – activities supporting the educational needs and aspirations of young people with diverse backgrounds. In 2018, our work in engaging youngsters to think about their future work life continues by bringing 100 school classes to the Heureka science centre in Finland. Under the same theme, work with The Children and Youth Foundation in Finland will also continue.

Tieto’s societal projects are aligned with the business strategy and purpose – creating value for life. We believe that the future lies in the youth of today and therefore we want to focus on investing in young people and their education, and in this way support a good start for a fulfilling life.

Tieto’s Corporate Responsibility (CR) steering group, authorized by the Board of Directors is reviewing societal engagements on an annual basis. Selections for partnerships are based on community-needs assessments made in cooperation with local business operations.

Through our societal engagements we also want to activate Tieto employees to take part in these projects and in doing good for the society around us.

In 2017, Tieto’s key societal engagements included:

My Dream Now helps children pursue their future dreams

My Dream Now (Sweden) is an organization focusing on building a bridge between companies and schools with the aim of inspiring young students to fulfil their future dreams. Tieto has engaged in My Dream Now operations in various ways for several years. For example, Tieto employees have been volunteering as class coaches and Tieto has welcomed students for study visits and to conduct job shadowing to inspire and increase their understanding of daily working life.

Identity Foundation helps underprivileged children

Founded in 2003, Identity Foundation is a charitable trust in Pune, India, working with underprivileged children. We have supported Identity Foundation's Mobile Learning and Infotainment Centre (MLIC) buses since 2007. In the two mobile learning and infotainment buses, underprivileged children, such as street children, can improve their literacy as well as life skills education. The MLICs also serve as information facilities by exposing children to positive entertainment and useful information.

In 2017, over 18 different MLIC activities or sub-programmes were conducted together with 24 partnering NGOs, reaching more than 6 100 children.

Lila Poonawalla Foundation empowers women to pursue higher education

Lila Poonawalla Foundation is an Educational Trust in India whose vision is to contribute to the empowerment of Indian women by supporting academically outstanding and financially deserving girls, through scholarship to pursue higher education. Since its inception in 1996, over 17 765 scholarships have been granted to 7 396 deserving girls. The foundation gives scholarships to the girls from Pune, Amaravati and Wardha districts. In Pune, the district LPF supports girls from school level until post-graduation. In Amaravati and Wardha districts, scholarships are given for undergraduate studies. LPF scholarships are merit-cum-need based scholarships. The highlight of the foundation is that it gives an outright grant to all the girls who are selected by the foundation trustees.

Together – for Finnish society

Finland became an independent state on 6 December 1917 and turned 100 years old in 2017. Founded in 1968, Tieto has been part of almost half of the journey in building today’s digital society of Finland.

The over-arching theme for the Finnish anniversary year was ‘Together’ and the programme was designed together with participating corporations and organizations. During the year, Tieto participated by engaging children and youth to discuss their future dreams together with known YouTube stars as well as participation in events organized for teachers and student counsellors to discuss the future of work and needed skills.

Uplift Mutuals facilitates easy access to quality health care at reasonable cost

Uplift Mutuals is a local non-profit organization, which has emerged out of the need for access to quality health care at a reasonable cost. Under Uplift Mutuals’ model, low-income families in India can share their health risks and get access to mutual micro insurance for financing their medical treatment and hospital visits. Besides health insurance, the organization also provides medical advice via telephone, and has even employed doctors who provide their services to patients free of charge.

Since 2012, Uplift Mutuals has been using UTTAM, a solution developed and provided by Tieto on a pro-bono basis that replaces the often time-consuming manual work to settle health insurance claims. Uplift has been able to process claims in a matter of 48 hours, where the usual turnaround time is about 20–25 days. In addition to easing the burden for low-income families to fund their medical treatment, UTTAM also provides an easy-to-use process for expanding the micro insurance for health programmes to cover more communities. During 2017, Tieto has launched UTTAM on mobile bringing transparency to the members and supporting Uplift’s expansion to larger communities.

Me&MyCity’s learning concept fosters students employability skills

Me&MyCity (Yrityskylä) is an award-winning Finnish education innovation and learning concept aimed at sixth-graders and ninth-graders, covering society, working life and entrepreneurship. 

The Me & MyCity learning environment for sixth-graders is a miniature city where students work in a profession and function as consumers and citizens as part of society.