2017 highlights

Highlights in 2017 across strategic choices


  • Tieto signs outsourcing agreement with insurance company Folksam in Sweden. This further strengthens Tieto’s position in the Swedish market and adds valuable expertise in application management and consulting services.
  • Tieto’s new Data-Driven Businesses unit aims to bring artificial intelligence to healthcare. Tieto’s aim in the health and wellbeing sector is to drive personalized but efficient data-driven models by maximizing the wellbeing of individuals while reducing the costs of public social and healthcare services.
  • Tieto introduces a new Forest Hub ecosystem platform that helps wood supply business partners in their operational data transfer regarding wood logistics and mill reception processes.
  • To enhance organizations’ capability to quickly develop and deliver new high-quality services, Tieto launches Tieto DevOps Space. This new service is an important part of a suite of DevOps solutions and capabilities Tieto is developing.


  • Tieto and Swedish digital security company Verisec enter into an agreement to collaborate on e-identification for the public sector.
  • Tieto unveils Insurance-in-a-Box, a digital start-up platform, enabling insurers to launch new products in less than two months.
  • Tieto and the City of Espoo test artificial intelligence to boost value-based social and healthcare services.
  • Tieto delivers welfare technology to Nacka municipality. The aim is to solve problems for individuals living at home through solutions such as digital supervision, positioning alarms and cognitive aids that remind people to take their medications at the right time.
  • Tieto and Metsä Group are digitalizing the forestry ecosystem with help of artificial intelligence, drones and virtual reality.


  • Tieto implements a new pension payment system for two large Finnish pension providers, Keva and Varma. 
  • Tieto’s intelligent head office receives leading certificate for sustainability, the first LEED platinum certificate for an existing building in Finland.
  • Tieto announces that it is accelerating the use of green energy in all its data centres across the Nordics. The goal is to reduce energy consumption related CO2 emissions by 50 percent by 2020.


  • Based on a recommended public offer, Tieto acquires Avega, a Swedish consulting company. The acquisition accelerates Tieto’s growth businesses and strengthens its footprint in the Swedish consulting-led market.
  • Tieto enters into an agreement with the City of Stockholm to provide next-generation IT services for the city´s administration and municipal owned companies.
  • Tieto launches a new artificial intelligence solution for the healthcare and welfare sector.
  • Tieto establishes a blockchain pilot programme in the Nordics – and introduces a global identity network for secure digital interactions.