IT market drivers

  • Digitalization of our customers’ business is accelerating in support of a twofold agenda
    • growing revenue through innovation
    • reducing costs by improved efficiency.
  • A new generation of digital platforms is being built – and at the same time, existing legacy systems are being modernized.
  • Customers are investing in new technologies, such as analytics, to expand their existing product and service portfolios and improve user experience. 
  • New technologies will enable a new data-centric ecosystem where individuals are provided with personalized experiences – in many cases, by new service providers utilizing automated service deliveries.

  • Emerging services based on new technologies such as the cloud, software robotics, artificial intelligence and blockchain are expected to experience double-digit growth and the decline in traditional services will continue.
  • In line with the trend of sustainability becoming the new normal, customers see digital solutions as an enabler and facilitator of long-term sustainability in their operations. For example, IT solutions will continue to reduce COemissions through reduced energy consumption, material use or transportation.
  • Co-creation with partners and customers is becoming more important in order to make the best use of the new technologies for our customers and to accelerate innovation. This trend is accelerated by increasing openness, as open APIs (application programming interfaces) and open data make collaborative innovation possible.

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