Stakeholder dialogue

Tieto wants to foster continuous collaboration and dialogue with all key stakeholders. At the end of 2016, a new materiality analysis was initiated to re-evaluate stakeholders’ assessments of Tieto’s sustainability impacts.

Tieto conducts regular stakeholder analyses to get a deeper understanding of its key stakeholder groups. Among the prioritized stakeholders are employees, customers, investors and suppliers. Stakeholder relations are managed throughout the organization, except for investor relations, which is centralized within the Group support functions. Similarly, supplier relations are mainly handled by Tieto’s Procurement team.

Tieto’s corporate responsibility materiality analysis is conducted on regular basis together with stakeholders, and it identifies which sustainability aspects to address and report. At the end of 2016, a new materiality analysis was initiated to evaluate stakeholders’ assessments of Tieto’s sustainability impacts. The result will be implemented in our Coprorate Responsibility 2020 plan. 

Other types of dialogues, such as annual surveys with customers and employees, also take place to learn more about stakeholders’ specific experiences of Tieto and the collaboration with us. The majority of issues and topics raised in dialogues during 2016 reflect well upon Tieto's business and our collaboration with stakeholders. While customers are interested in the quality of products and services, innovation, and proactive interaction, employees have been interested in career opportunities, competence development and employee experience, to mention a few examples. Tieto’s new strategy, focusing on accelerating innovation and growth, has also generated interest among stakeholders in 2017.

Our aim is to meet stakeholders’ corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability requirements and needs, and to play an active role in our industry and society as a whole. During the past years, Tieto’s customers have more and more addressed CR and sustainability as part of their evaluation of Tieto as an IT partner. Questionnaires and supplier requirements, covering compliance with the United Nations Global Compact as one example, are natural parts of these requests. CR communication with suppliers has also intensified as part of our Supplier Code of Conduct implementation and follow-up. CR communication with employees is related to Code of Conduct Policy compliance, as well as to raise awareness on CR and sustainability as a whole.

The table below presents Tieto’s main stakeholders and our engagements in 2017.

Stakeholders Key issues raised Type of interaction Frequency of interaction Actions regarding issues raised
Employees • Career opportunities
• Continuous competence and personal development
• Healthy working environment and work-life balance
• Job satisfaction
• Equal and fair treatment, including compensation
• Professional network, knowledge sharing and social media capabilities
• Simplified processes and improved tools
• Strategic alignment and trust in the future
• Further focus on employee experience
• Information security, anti-corruption, employee wellbeing, diversity, GHG emissions
• Job openings and active staffing for projects
• Development discussions, ongoing dialogue and feedback
• Various learning platforms
• Employee engagement pulse surveys
• Occupational healthcare and ergonomics
• Co-operation with employee representatives/
• Tools and forums available for all employees, e.g. Social Intranet
• CR materiality analysis (MA)
• Continuous advertising and sharing of internal opportunities
• Continuous dialogue and feedback between manager and employee
• Tieto wide employee survey (VOICE) every two years. Pulse surveys on more ongoing basis
• Based on needs, ongoing work with the employee representatives
• Annual salary reviews
• Formal (MA) every 2-3 years, annual updates
• Job rotation, management attention and support for career and competence development project assignments
• Healthcare and consultation services, active monitoring and health checks
• Support for sports and leisure activities
• Social Intranet for active dialogue
• Build on Open Source Culture to enhance employee engagement, develop digital tools and modern work environments
• Simplifying business processes and life in matrix
• Workday, a tool to simplify employee processes, implemented
• New CR 2020 plan with agreed priorities
Customers • Delivering on agreements and interacting proactively
• More frequent collaboration and communication with customers and within Tieto at all levels
• Bringing new insights and ideas and making proactive proposals to enhance customers' business and/or operations
• Importance of business ethics
• Information security, anti-corruption, employee wellbeing, diversity, GHG emissions
• Joint planning and co-innovation
• Strategic, tactical and operational customer experience measurement
• Customer magazines, seminars, exhibitions, workshops
• Audits
• Governance practices
• Materiality analyses
• CR materiality analysis (MA)
• Customer experience measurement: strategic annually, tactical every third month, operational monthly, or biannually in case of stable services
• Materiality analysis: annually
• Operative activities on a continuous basis, including governance
• Formal (MA) every 2-3 years, annual updates
• Improvement of quality in deliveries
• Improvement of collaboration and communication with customers and within Tieto at all levels
• Providing all employees with a real-time view of customer experience
• Enhancing customer-centric culture and ways of working
• Boosting employee engagement
• New CR 2020 plan with agreed priorities
Investors and
• Execution of strategy highlighting innovation and growth
• Investments in offerings driving future growth
• Continued attractive dividend yield
• Investor meetings and group presentations
• Conference calls
• IR participated in close to 100 investor meetings and group presentations during 2017 • Investments driving renewal of services and solutions remained at EUR 75 million – targeted especially at industry-specific software
• Acquisition of Avega to strengthen foothold in Sweden
• Base dividend increased and additional dividend proposed
Suppliers • Solid business ethics
• Respect for fundamental human and labour rights
• Mutually benefical business relationships including aligned practices and agreed targets
• Work against corruption in all its forms
• Information security, anti-corruption, employee wellbeing, diversity, GHG emissions
• Continuous dialogue about services and contracts (Sourcing)
• Bilateral supplier relationship and performance management programs including governance
• Supplier Sustainability Program (including self-assessments) with significant suppliers
• Supplier Code of Conduct Survey with regular suppliers
• Active communication of Procurement policy and practices internally in Tieto
• CR materiality analysis (MA)
• Key suppliers: on a continuous basis either on monthly, quarterly, or annual basis depending on urgency and priority
• Other suppliers: regular interaction and structured governance take place whenever the situation so requires
• Internal communication regularly according Procurement Communication plan
• Formal (MA) every 2-3 years, annual updates
• Actions jointly agreed and depending on the specific programme objectives and relationship
• E.g. collaboration on cost optimization, delivery and quality management, joint innovation, risk management and sustainability issues
• Actions to improve supplier's quality, performance or service triggered by complaints or alleged incidents (from stakeholder or third party)
• New CR 2020 plan with agreed priorities
Business partners
and ecosystems
• Identifying and engaging with emerging partners and ecosystems to accelerate customer value
• Building the best possible solutions for our customers together with our partners
• Aligning business practices
• Information security, anti-corruption, employee wellbeing, diversity, GHG emissions
• Regular meetings on strategic, tactical and operational level, with commercial and technical perspectives, take place to ensure the best possible value to customers
• CR materiality analysis (MA)
• Bi-annual, quarterly and on continuous basis
• Formal (MA) every 2-3 years, annual updates
• Actions jointly agreed and depending on the specific partnership or ecosystem
• E.g. collaboration in developing services, products and business models
• New CR 2020 plan with agreed priorities
& students
• Collaboration and job opportunities
• Joint projects with universities and student associations
• Internships / traineeships
• Corporate responsibility
• Career days
• Student fairs
• Development projects and research collaboration
• Internships / traineeships
• Career days and student fairs a few times a year
• Pan-Nordic Generation-T trainee programme annually
• Seasonal e.g. summer trainees
• Theses work, seminars and lectures, internships and recruitment
• Active engagement in social media channels
& colleagues
• Professional networking • Social media networks
• Alumni network
• Continuous and based on needs • Tieto company site on LinkedIn and Facebook
• Local alumni groups and events